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Our Services

For more than 50 years, Bear Paw Development Corporation has adapted to the ever-changing economic and community development needs of northern Montana. Continuing to provide pragmatic solutions and quality service to our clients - whether private industry or local government - is our top priority.


Through its team of professional economic and community development practitioners, Bear Paw Development provides an array of services that work to meet the specific needs for the communities, businesses and people that we serve. By contacting our office for assistance with your project or to simply determine what your next steps may be, our promise is to provide the best, most reliable service to assure client success. 

Project Highlights



Antelope Court in Havre, MT is five 6-unit buildings, single story structures with 30 apartments. Each has an open carport. 24 of the units are fully ADA accessible. One maintenance shed, basketball court, garden space and a play structure are also included on the property.

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